Formally incorporated in 1998, the Malting Industry Association of Canada (MIAC) represents four member companies who process more than one million tonnes of malting barley each year, in six plants located in Canada's four westernmost provinces.

Canada Malting Company Limited

The largest MIAC member, Canada Malting produces 450,000 metric tonnes of malt each year, which is roughly half of Canada’s annual malt output.  Selling to brewers, distillers and food producers around the world, it operates malthouses in Calgary, Montreal and Thunder Bay and operates nine country elevators through its Canada Malting Grain group.  Elevators are distributed among Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba which allows convenient transportation access to its malting operations.  Three warehouse operations in Canada and five more distributed across the US ensures efficient product storage and access to end users.

Canada Malt’s widely-distributed elevator locations allow its employees to build and maintain close relationships with elevators operators and local growers, thereby ensuring the supply of reliable, high quality barley. 

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We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing a superior quality product, service and support. We are a world leader in malting barley development, and the advantages for investing in the Canada Brand are numerous and hold significant validity.

Phil de Kemp, President

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The world's second-largest exporter of malt. 
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