Formally incorporated in 1998, the Malting Industry Association of Canada (MIAC) represents four member companies who process more than one million tonnes of malting barley each year, in six plants located in Canada's four westernmost provinces.

Rahr Malting Company

The third largest MIAC member, Rahr’s Canadian operation processes 140,000 metric tonnes of barley each year – one quarter of the country’s total.  Rahr’s parent company in Minnesota was established in 1847. The Alix malting plant is located in central Alberta, allowing the company convenient access to Canadian and American transportation and distribution networks.

Rahr’s Canadian subsidiary site in Alix was constructed in 1993 and, like its fellow MIAC members, its location puts it squarely within Canada’s most productive barley growing area. Rahr supplies both large and craft brewing companies with malt and other brewing products and supports.  The company prides itself on a tradition of working directly with farmers.  Producer relationships and direct delivery to the malthouse provide assurance of product identity.

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We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing a superior quality product, service and support. We are a world leader in malting barley development, and the advantages for investing in the Canada Brand are numerous and hold significant validity.

Phil de Kemp, President

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