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Roles and Responsibilities

Originally established to represent the interests of its members in domestic trade issues, MIAC brought its members’ concerns and interests to the Government of Canada, provincial governments, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), and other regulatory and marketing bodies.  Its efforts as a trade and policy negotiator have expanded alongside Canada’s ever increasing involvement in international trade.  MIAC continues to strengthen the domestic and international trade relationships that are at the heart of Canada’s success as a leading malt producer and exporter.

More than 65 percent of Canada’s malt production is exported, making the industry Canada’s largest exporter of value-added grain.  MIAC is on the Board of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA), who represents 80 percent of Canada’s agriculture and food exports, all of whom rely on a liberalized international trading environment.

Maintaining Canada’s export sales relies on a negotiating team who bring knowledge, experience and relentless commitment to the trade policy table.  New challenges will require MIAC to work with all stakeholders in the industry towards the best possible sales environment for Canadian malting barley and malt producers. Along with acting as an information conduit on matters of trade policy and a relayer of up-to-date research on barley varieties from Canada, MIAC works to keep the international marketplace as open, healthy, and safe as possible for the Canadian malting industry.


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Phil de Kemp, President

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