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Canadian Advantage: Transportation for product delivery

Canada barley growing areas are served by an extensive highway and rail system.  Two railways – Canadian Pacific and Canadian National – continue to upgrade their rolling stock and computer routing systems to ensure efficient grain movement.  Ports located in Canada’s west (Port of Vancouver, BC), north (Ports of Prince Rupert, BC, and Churchill, Manitoba) and east (St. Lawrence River corridor) are part of Canada’s efficient transportation system.  Expansions and upgrades of these facilities help ensure timely product delivery. Export dependent businesses rely on an efficient transportation infrastructure to ensure the timely delivery of products.  MIAC’s members are committed to working with government and all interested partners to ensure that harmonious work force and management relations are maintained. 


Canada has an integrated transportation system which helps ensure the timely delivery of products to our customers.

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We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing a superior quality product, service and support. We are a world leader in malting barley development, and the advantages for investing in the Canada Brand are numerous and hold significant validity.

Phil de Kemp, President

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The world's second-largest exporter of malt. 
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