Barley Development Council (BDC)

The Barley Development Council (BDC) was formed in 1994 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2004.  Its members include barley producers, users, government institutions and scientists from across Western Canada.  Incorporation has allowed the Council to manage an annual Canadian Barley Symposium and support various conferences and competitions related to the barley industry in Canada, as well as its administration and publication expenses. Each member organization selects one representative to sit on the Council. 

Since its formation, the Council has continued to focus on five objectives:

  1. establishing priorities for barley research and product development
  2. promoting collaborative research projects in various institutions
  3. making recommendations to appropriate agencies about issues that impact barley research, production and marketing
  4. providing a forum where barley issues may be discussed
  5. providing assistance to people and agencies that undertake council-related activities.