CGC Grain Research Laboratory

CGC’s Grain Research Laboratory responds to the needs and priorities of the Canadian malting and brewing industry. Its Applied Barley Research Program provides quality assurance for malting barley grown in western Canada. Researchers analyze malt quality of selected samples for the annual barley harvest. They also work closely with plant breeders to develop and evaluate improved malting barley varieties that satisfy domestic and international maltsters’ processing requirements. 

Research is carried out on factors affecting malting barley and on quality measurement methods. The Grain Research Laboratory’s Basic Barley Research program focuses on the chemistry and biochemistry of malting and hulless barley for malting and brewing, as well as for human food purposes.  Primary objectives are to identify and characterize factors and molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the functionality and performance of barley during processing and its end-use quality. This strategic research leads to improving quality and processing performance of Canadian barley for current and future needs.