World Exports Statistics

Based on available Global Trade Atlas data, world exports of malt have trended upward overall over the past decade from 4.5 million mts ($1.6 billion) in 2000 to nearly 6.1 million mts ($4 billion) in 2009.  On average, Canada supplies about 10% of annual world malt exports. In 2000, Canada was the 3rd largest exporter behind France and Belgium with Australia ranked 4th.  In 2009, Belgium took over the no.1 position followed by France while both Canada and Australia retained the 3rd and 4th position, respectively.  Since 2000, Australia has averaged 515,000 mts in malt exports per year vs. 567,000 mts for Canada. Australia’s main markets include Japan and South Korea, which are also top ten destinations for Canadian malt. Australia is also a competitor for other Asian markets like China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Share of World Malt Exports 2000


Total: 4.5 million mts

Source: Global Trade Atlas, September 2010
Malt, not roasted

Share of World Malt Exports 2011


Total: 6.3 million mts

Source: Global Trade Atlas, July 2010
Malt, not roasted